Aldi's new budget sportswear will make resolutions less expensive

New gym kit for £26

Aldi launches new range of sportswear
If you are one of the thousands of people that have pledged to get fit in 2016 then you might just be in luck. Aldi has launched a fitness range to coincide with the inevitable New Year trips to the gym.

Clothing includes a yoga top for just £5.99, trainers for less than £15 and yoga leggings for just £8.99.

The budget supermarket has not only released workout wear, but it has also produced a number of fitness products that may even mean you don't have to spend a fortune on a new gym membership.

Aldi launches new range of sportswear

For those looking to start a home gym you can pick up an exercise bike for £69.99, a wireless activity tracker wristband for £24.99 and dumbbells for as little as £5.99.
Aldi launches new range of sportswear

Of course, investing in the cheaper kit won't mean you're guaranteed to stick with your New Years' fitness Resolutions, but it will at least mean you will feel marginally less guilty about wasting cash if it all comes to nothing.

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