Man suing Foster's for making him think it was Australian

The beer is actually brewed in Fort Worth, Texas

Man Suing Foster's Beer for Duping Him Into Thinking It Was Australian

A man has filed a lawsuit against Foster's beer, claiming he was duped into thinking it was brewed in Australia.

Their Facebook page is filled with Aussie references, including a promo about 'mate's rates' and references to walkabout.

Not to mention the can itself, which features not only a kangaroo hopping across the bottom but also the Southern Cross constellation of stars which features on the Australian flag.

But here's the issue: Foster's is brewed in Fort Worth, Texas and that is the fact that is not sitting well with New Yorker, Leif Nelson.

The loyal Foster's drinker is filing a lawsuit against Miller Brewing Co. claiming that from 2012 - 2015 he was duped into thinking he was drinking beer that had been brewed down under.

To be fair, in a way it is Australian. Foster's was created by two Irish-American brothers and was first brewed in Melbourne, Australia in 1888, but that's pretty much where the connection ends. The beer has been brewed in Texas since 2011.

According to the lawsuit, Nelson isn't giving up on Foster's entirely, he'll keep drinking it once the can is accurately labelled.

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