Explore the 'Flying Saucer House'

The house which is entirely made of circular rooms

The House From Another World

If you're looking for a house that doesn't cut any corners, then you might want to 'circle' this listing, maybe even three times.

This is the Felton Estate in the hills of Oakland, California... all 14,000 square feet of it.

The house was built about 20 years ago and local residents like to call this Art Deco and Frank Lloyd Wright inspired gem, 'The Flying Saucer House' and it's easy to see why, there's not a corner anywhere.

The whole house is made up of circular edges and even the staircase down to the wine cellar is a spiral, there's also a tasting room to match and of course, it's circular!

But what is really going to make your head spin isn't just the $21,000,000 price tag, it's the 360 degree view of the San Francisco Bay area.

You can see all the way to Silicone Valley or Napa, or even all the way out to the infamous Golden Gate Bridge.

The best part is that you can take in this epic view from the comfort of your private hot tub, which is of course, circular.

Pretty much the only thing here which isn't circular is the pool and the 16-car garage, but at least it's big enough inside to take a spin around in your Lamborghini.

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