Waitress left generous $3,000 tip

Bre Snow was amazed to find the tip on a $505 bill

Football Fans Leave Waitress $3,000 Tip

For one lucky waitress, a typical night at work turned out to be her best shift yet.

Bre Snow, works two jobs, one of which is at a bar in Salt Lake City. On Thursday night she was in for a shock after a long shift on her feet.

Having checked out for the night, a group of American football fans from Michigan came into the bar. Bre ended up as their waitress serving them rounds of food and drink.

When the group left she went to the table to collect their receipt, only to find they'd left a little more than the regular tip.

Their overall bill had come to $505 but the extremely generous customers had left Bre an extra $3,000, a tip of roughly 600%.

The generous group snapped a picture of Snow holding her pricey receipt and it was soon uploaded to the Instagram page, Tips For Jesus, where similar moments have been captured at restaurants all around America.

Speaking about the random act of kindness Snow said: "It was more than a pick-me-up!"

Adding: "After working so hard, to get a great pay-off from it really touched me."

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