Contactless payment jacket invented by British brand

Lyle & Scott have teamed up with Barclays bPay technology to design the product

Lyle & Scott design first contactless payment jacket

First we had contactless cards, then we could pay on our phones but now the next step has been revealed.

Menswear designers Lyle & Scott have come up with a handy new way to pay for your purchases.

All you have to do is slide your sleeve across the PIN machine. Yes, that's right, that's all you have to do!

Lyle & Scott have designed the 'world's first' contactless payment jacket, and the best part is it's pretty stylish too.

You won't even have to remember to take your card out with you because the jacket works using a contactless Barclays bPay chip which is inserted in the cuff.

Contactless payment jacket invented by British brand

Thanks to the recent increase in maximum spends this means you'll be able to pay for purchase up to the cost of £30 with this nifty new piece of clothing.

The fashionable jacket comes in two colours, 'True Black' and 'Admiral Blue', and can be bought on the company's website.

The only possible downside is that this unusual new jacket comes with a fairly hefty price tag. It will set you back £150 but can be linked to any UK registered Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card.

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