Jeremy Corbyn's coffee cup actually sold for £51 on eBay

Paper coffee cup he used at a rally raises cash for charity

Jeremy Corbyn's cup eBay listing(eBay/Screenshot)

Mothers have hailed him a sex symbol, his £1.50 vests sent the media into a frenzy – and now a paper coffee cup used by Jeremy Corbyn has been sold on ebay for £51.

Corbynmania has reached new heights as fans of the Labour leadership favourite entered a bidding war over the disposable cup.

It attracted 23 bids and sold for £51 – with all the money going to Age UK.

The item description, written on August 20 when it was listed, states that Corbyn handed the seller the cup at the Playhouse in Nottingham.

It reads: "Ok this is obviously aimed at a niche interest group but Jeremy handed me his empty coffee cup at tonight's gathering outside the Playhouse in Nottingham.

"I realise most people would have put it in the bin but I asked what would JC do and concluded that if people in need benefit, it would be ok.

Jeremy Corbyn
(Lauren Hurley/PA)

"I hope he agrees or at least understands. So I am auctioning it to benefit Age UK Notts. If we sell for over £50 I will try and get him to sign it too. Thanks."

The Corbynmania trend has seen thousands of people pack into venues to hear him speak and users on mumsnet debate his "sexiness".

Due to the cup's delicate nature, the lucky winner has to fork out an extra 99p for postage costs.

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