Freebie Friday: get more out of a Bank Holiday on a budget

Freebies from Evans, John West, Crabtree & Evelyn, Snapfish and

summer piggy bank with...

There's always so much of the month left at the end of the money in August. Whether you've blown the budget on summer holidays or entertaining the family, it can be miserable to face a Bank Holiday weekend with no cash.

This week we offer a few freebies that will let you get your hands on clothes, nail varnish and sandwich spread for nothing. And if you're lucky enough to have some money left, there are a couple of freebies to help you do even more with it.

Free £10 Evans voucher
If you have an old, unwanted pair of ladies jeans, you can swap them in any branch of Evans for a £10 voucher. They will then donate the jeans to the Rainbow Trust, who will use them to raise money to help families with a seriously ill child. The deal only runs until Saturday, but the vouchers won't run out until 28 September.

Free fish spread
The users of have come across a Facebook offer for John West spreadables. Just vote for your favourite flavour and get a voucher for a free can of spreadables. Flavours range from tuna with mayo and sweetcorn to mackerel with wholegrain mustard and salmon with yoghurt and mint

Free nail varnish
Crabtree and Evelyn is giving away free nail varnish worth £6. You can take along any old nail varnish to one of their stores - including those that are almost finished, very cheap brands and varnish that has dried up - and you can swap it for a free bottle. The deal lasts until 29 September, or until stocks run out.

Free photo mug
Seabrook crisps is running a 70th anniversary offer at the moment. If you collect three promotional six-packs of the crisps, and enter the code online, you can create your own photo mug - worth £7.99 - for free. At the moment Tesco and Asda have the crisps for £1, so for £3 you'll get 18 bags of crisps and a mug - which is a decent bargain.

Free delivery
We wouldn't usually make a song and dance about free delivery, but this offer is well worth considering. is offering free delivery on all orders before 31 August. The website is full of interesting items, but normally if you want to buy things from a few different retailers on the site, you'll pay a handful of delivery charges- which can really add up. This is your opportunity to pick up items from a range of stores, and pay absolutely nothing in delivery.

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