Cash for house payment stolen from restaurant

The couple had left the cash in a bag on a table

Cash for House Payment Was Stolen from a Restaurant

A bizarre press released sent out by a Canadian police department has revealed that one unlucky couple has had a backpack containing enough money to buy a house stolen.

The Toronto Police Department are currently asking the public for help identifying the two men below.

Cash for House Payment Was Stolen from a Restaurant

They are alleged to have stolen the pricey backpack from a couple in line at a restaurant.

According to the press release, the family went to a currency exchange to take out money to buy a house. But instead of heading directly home or to bank or estate agent, the pair decided to stop off and grab something to eat first.

While the family was waiting for their food it's thought the backpack was swiped by one of the men as it sat unattended on a table.

It's not the first time a bag of cash has been left somewhere unexpected - only to be stolen.

Workers in New Jersey refilling an ATM were left red-faced earlier this year when they left a bag containing $150,000 of cash on a lawn.

They subsequently drove off and had been gone for 15 minutes before realising their mistake. Unfortunately a passer-by took advantage of their mistake before they returned and stole the cash.

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