30 hours of free childcare from 2016

The government will double the amount currently available to working parents

30 Hours of Free Childcare to Be Rolled Out in 2016
30 hours of free childcare from 2016
Plans to double the amount of free childcare available to parents are due to be rolled out in September 2016.

The reform will mean that the UK becomes the first country to offer a total of 30 hours of free childcare each week, 15 hours is currently offered.

Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, says: "We know that childcare is a hugely important issue for working parents juggling those responsibilities and we as a government have pledged to increase by 15 hours the free childcare available to three to four-year-olds of working parents."

Adding: "We've already carried out a review of the funding rate that nurseries and providers receive to cover the costs of the free childcare."

The Education Secretary also said: "We've committed to increase the average rate that nurseries do receive for looking after three and four-year-olds."

According to ITV, new figures have shown that over 80% of working parents would be keen to make use of the 30 hours on offer.

Both parents and nurseries have been asked to give their opinions on the increased childcare provisions and while parents are keen, nurseries and other institutions are a little more wary.

Sky News reports that the cost of childcare and the funds given to nurseries by the government don't match, leaving nurseries short.

Morgan added: "It's absolutely vital that the quality of provision is high and that we've got more nurseries and childcare providers who are rated good or outstanding by Ofsted."

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