Waitress is left a snide message instead of tip

The diner spent $112 but left no tip, instead writing 'LOL'

Diner Writes 'LOL' On Receipt And Leaves No Tip

For plenty of waiters and waitresses, tips make up a large percentage of the money they earn on their shifts.

So it's a little unpleasant to not only find that a table you've served haven't left you a tip but they've also left you a scathing message to go with it.

A 20-year-old woman from New Jersey was recently shocked to find a cruel customer had left no tip on their $112 bill.

The waitress, who is working in the restaurant to save money for college, was even more shocked to find that the customer had also scrawled the word 'LOL' in the section where a tip amount should be written.

She took to social media to express her dismay and anger at the customer's behaviour.

The young women explained that she depends on her tips to make a living because she is only paid at a rate of $2.50 an hour.

Some restaurants in the US are beginning to take steps to ensure that service staff's income's are less dependent on customer generosity. They plan to do away with tipping and increase hourly pay.

An expose by London's Evening Standard recently claimed that the Côte chain of restaurants in the UK was taking the tips left for the waiting staff.

The restaurant has strenuously denied the fact that it takes the 12.5% service charges that are added to its bills.

According to Metro, a spokesperson said: "At Cote the optional service charge is used to increase the pay of all restaurant level staff above what would typically be seen as market standard."

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