Detroit man charged more than $3,000 for water

The faulty bill claimed he had used 3,740 gallons of water in one hour

Water Bill Almost Washed Away Man's Bank Account

One man from Detroit was in for a shock recently when he received his water bill in the mail.

Not only was the bill a little over what he was expecting it was 100 times more than he should have been charged.

Early Lewis received a bill that stated he owed the city more than $3,000. He lives in a small home with just two other people, making it hard to believe this could possibly be right.

The bill also stated that Lewis had used 3,740 gallons of water between the hours of midnight and 1am on one night.

The Detroit Water and Sewage Department is no stranger to controversy and has even been taken to court for water shut-offs.

Thankfully common sense and a phone call prevailed and the Water and Sewage Department admitted it was a mistake and have now charged Lewis the $36 he should have been charged in the first place.

In May this year a Londoner was also in for a similar shock when he was charged ​£223,000 for six American Craft beers.

The 28-year-old was accidentally charged £223,000 for six American Craft beers instead of the £22.30 that he actually owed.

Luckily for him his card was declined and he took the incident in good humour as he laughed it off with the shop assistant.

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