Man wins lottery for second time in a decade

The man from Virginia also won $1m in 2006

Virginia Man Wins Lottery a Second Time
It's said that lightning never strikes the same place twice, but apparently that's not quite true.

One lucky man from Virginia is in the money after having won the lottery for a second time in ten years.

Ken Osborne won $1 million back in 2006 and was fortunate enough to cash in a ticket for $500,000 last week.

The man won the jackpot on a the lottery's Money Money Money scratch off game.

According to 13 News Now, Osborne bought the ticket at a 7-Eleven store with a colleague when they went to get a drink.

He scratched the card while he was in the shop before realising he'd hit the big time.

He said: "We did a quick double-take." Adding: "We got real quiet!"

Although he doesn't have any plans for the money yet, Osborne bought a house with his previous winnings.

Two of the games top prizes ($4 million) remain unclaimed as do two of the other $500,000 prizes.

Earlier this year a father and son duo from Connecticut hit the headlines when they both took home a lottery jackpot prize.

Nick and Ben Urso both won $100,000 in the same kitchen with Nick winning just a few weeks ago and Ben having won in March this year.

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