You can now send your ashes into space for $12,000

Would you shoot one of your loved ones into orbit?

Company Offers Sending Remains Of Loved Ones To Moon

It seems that after 15 years of development, the space burial business is a competitive market.

Yes, that's correct, you can now opt to send your loved ones into space rather than bury them underground as many traditions dictate.

The company 'Elysium Space' plans to send symbolic portions of human remains to the lunar surface.

Thomas Civeit, founder and CEO of Elysium Space and award-winning NASA engineer says: "From the first day we started Elysium Space and imagined awe-inspiring memorials, we thought that the Moon could create the quintessential commemoration. Offering this exceptional tribute within the reach of most families is an important part of this new chapter opening for our civilization."

Shoot your ashes into space for $12,000

But, Elysium aren't the first ones to come up with this somewhat unusual idea though. They will be in competition with Houston-based company, Celestis.

To use Celestis' services you will have to fork over a little more cash however. Their options start at $12,500 (£7,953), while Elysium Space's memorial service costs $11,950 (£7,603) and there's even a $2,000 discount for the first 50 customers.

Elysium was founded in 2013 and the San Francisco-based company already boasts a shooting star memorial - where ashes are sent into a brief orbit with Earth before burning up in the atmosphere in a ray of light.

Milky Way memorials are also on the cards - this will involve ashes being sent out into deep space.

On their website, the unusual company says: "Elysium Space offers its awe-inspiring celestial services to provide a connective experience for families and friends, creating a new sacred space for remembrance and an eternal memorial for those we love. By looking into the infinite beauty of the night sky, we can remember the beauty of those who have touched our lives forever."

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