The surprise secret to career contentment

And it's not the salary...

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The key to being happy at work is to have an easy commute and a fun workspace, a survey has revealed.

More than three in ten of those polled by recruitment website said that an easy journey to work each day was the most important factor affecting their happiness at work.

This makes the commute even more important than salary, which was cited by just 18%. One in eight said having more holidays would improve their contentment levels most.

"A recent stat claims that 91% of young workers expect to stay in their jobs for less than three years - our research reveals why: they're on the hunt for career contentment," says Reed communications manager Lynn Cahillane.

"Your career is a serious business and for many, is one of the most important parts of their lives. That's why finding a job that makes you happy is vital. What's more, if you're not content with your work situation, it can also have a knock-on effect on your home life. If this is the case for you, it might be time to search for your next job."

The survey also revealed that it takes an average of three career moves before reaching a position that makes you happy; and that 32 is the happiest age. However nearly four in ten people responding to the survey said they weren't happy with their careers, and a quarter of these said they were looking for another job.

One in seven said they were considering extra training, and one in eight that they had personal projects which they hoped would help them change their job. One in 12 reckoned that starting up their own business would be the answer to achieving true job satisfaction.

Last year, recruiter Randstad surveyed 2,000 employees and found that ambitious 40-year-old women earning £31,600 a year were the happiest workers.

The industries with the highest proportion of fulfilled workers were construction, farming, teaching and social work, while the fewest were found in manufacturing, the public sector and financial services.

Top ten factors that lead to career contentment

1. Easy daily commute - 31%
2. Cool/fun workspace - 29%
3. Good work/life balance - 20%
4. Salary - 18%
5. Work social events - 16%
6. Job security - 15%
7. Working alongside inspiring colleagues - 14%
8. Good promotion prospects - 13%
9. Extra holiday - 12%
10. Dress down Friday - 10%

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