Roads and properties at risk as weather warning alert raised to amber

Are you prepared for extreme weather?


Summer weather Aug 13th 2015

A weather warning has been issued for parts of the country after torrential downpours and thunderstorms increased the likelihood of flooding. Property owners should ensure their home is protected, and drivers need to beware of flooded roads.

The Met Office upgraded its yellow warning to amber for the east and south east of England after more than a month's rain fell in just nine hours.

On average, 51.6mm of rain falls throughout the entire month of August.

The amber alert means the public should now be prepared for the risk of flooding of roads and properties.

"Over the next 24 hours or so, we are expecting rainfall totals in many places to be round about 40 to possibly 60mm of rain," said MeteoGroup's Julian Mayes.

"And for parts of central and eastern England, this is probably going to be quite similar – just in places to the amount of rain you might expect in those areas in a whole month in August.

"We are going to see across quite a large part of Britain in the next 36 hours enough rain to cause problems, particularly for drivers."

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