How a holiday selfie could cost you

Could your holiday updates leave you uninsured?


Holiday selfie

Be careful what you post online while on your holidays this summer. A financial watchdog is warning that something as seemingly harmless as a selfie on the beach could leave you uninsured.

The Financial Ombudsman has revealed that police forces across the country see a correlation between social media posts and burglaries. If you announce that you are away on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, thieves may be able to track down your address and rob your home.

So that seemingly innocent selfie designed to induce envy from your friends and colleagues as you relax on the sand could actually result in your home being burgled.

"If you wouldn't put up a poster on your front lawn saying you're going on holiday for a few weeks, then don't post the same thing online with your home details to a bunch of strangers," says the Financial Ombudsman's guidance.

Insurers hate selfies

If getting burgled while you're on holiday wasn't bad enough, there is a chance your insurer won't pay out too.

Most home insurance policies state that you must take 'reasonable care' to secure your possessions in the policy's terms and conditions. Advertising the fact you are on holiday on social media sites can be seen as breaking that clause.

Not only could that snap lead to you being robbed, you could invalidate your insurance on top.

How to stay safe

Ideally, don't put holiday snaps up or talk about your holiday online until you are back home. It's a crazy idea, but while you're on holiday focus on actually enjoying yourself rather than spending your time on social media!

If you want to brag about your holiday then do so carefully. Avoid Twitter, where anyone can see what you post. As for Facebook, make sure your privacy settings mean only your friends can see what you post. It's still not ideal though.

Finally, don't think you are safe if you don't post details about your holiday. Many social media sites use GPS to state where you are when you make a post. So make sure that location services are switched off before you put anything online. Otherwise an eagle-eyed burglar may notice that you are posting from Spain and seize the opportunity to break in.

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