Freebie Friday: giveaways to cheer up a wet weekend

Freebies from Boots, Clinique, Kingsmill, The Hut and Freegle

sad enamored girl draws a heart on the window in the rain

Looking forward to another weekend of indoor activities? It's bad enough that it's supposed to be summer and most of us are stuck indoors watching the deluge - but when there are kids in the house, by the end of the weekend, you'll all be climbing the walls.

Fortunately we have a handful of freebies to keep both you and the kids happy for a wet weekend.

Free baking goodies
If your family has been inspired by the Bake Off, you can get your hands on some free baking goodies at The Hut. The deal is available to new members. You just sign up for free, find the blog post relating to The Hut, then click through that post to make a purchase of at least £10. You will then get 100% cashback (up to the vale of £10) in your account within seven days.

Free music streaming
You can stay in all weekend listening to music for free. One member of has highlighted that if you are a member of a library, you can stream music for free using Freegal. It offers access to 9 million songs and over 15,000 music videos. You can also download five tracks to keep each week. The system is American, but works here too: you just have to log in, and select Scotland (as there's no 'England' option), and you can get your handy music freebies.

If you don't have a library card, you'll need to pop down to your local library and get one before you can get started. Perhaps you could pick up some free books while you're at it!

Free photos
If you fancy an entertaining photographic art project for the holiday, and you'd like your holiday snaps printed for free as part of the deal, Boots may have the answer. If you've never used Boots for online photo products before, you can get 20% off all personalised photo cards, and new customers can get 50 free 6x4 prints too. The details are available here.

Free Clinique
Whether you've had a busy day of face painting, or you just need a spot of pampering, you can get a Clinique set for free. Clinque is advertising its 3-step beauty treatment for faces with a giveaway. The first 15,000 people who enter their details online here will win a trial set of facial soap, clarifying lotion and moisturiser.

Free bread
If all else fails, you could just turn to eating buttered toast and pretending it's actually winter. Quidco will let you do this for free too. It is offering you the chance to get a free loaf of bread if you're willing to put up with a slightly long-winded process. You buy the Kingsmill Farmhouse 800g loaf from Sainsbury's before 25 August, then you need to take a photo of the receipt, upload it to the Quidco ClickSnap site, and get your money back. You'll need to do this sooner rather than later though, as there are only a limited number of loaves up for grabs.

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