Man's 'serious complaint' to Tesco lands him free ice cream

Brilliant customer services response from Tesco


Woman hand holding chocolate ice cream in a cone.

Do you want some free ice cream?

Well you can only have some if your local supermarket's freezer has broken down and if it's caused your team at work serious trauma.

That's how Tesco customer Adam Crick managed to wangle a voucher for some free Ben & Jerry's (or Cornettos or Magnums). But all he really wanted was for the freezer to work at the Guildford Express store.

Adam wrote a really funny "serious complaint" to Tesco's Facebook page.

Adam Crick – I have a very serious complaint regarding... | Facebook

Apparently Adam's colleagues can get a little down at work and like to celebrate Ice Cream Wednesdays (or Thursdays or Fridays).

He said: "For the past few weeks the ice cream freezer has been out of action in the Guildford Express store, meaning that multi packs of Cornettos, Magnums and tubs of Ben and Jerry's (a bigger problem since it is currently discounted) have been unavailable. This has been going on for a few weeks now with no sign of the situation being resolved.

"This freezer has been problematic in the past and obviously has a serious problem. How can we be expected to survive summer with a lack of ice cream? This has resulted in a lack of productivity in my team and with one person a case of depression."

Adam suggested Tesco fixes the freezer or allows online orders for ice cream.

In an online reply, Kaleigh from customer care apologised and said: "I can only begin to understand the devastation this must be causing to your team. I couldn't imagine going through these hot sunny days without the scrumptious and cooling treat of a Twister or cheeky tub of Ben and Jerry's!"

While the freezer is broken (the shop is waiting for a part to be delivered), Kaleigh from Tesco has offered to send Adam a money card to buy ice cream from a nearby store.

Now we want ice cream. And Ice Cream Wednesdays. And Thursdays AND Fridays.

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