Bic apologises for 'Look like a girl... think like a man' advert on Women's Day

Internet horrified by outrageously sexist advert

(Bic South Africa/Facebook)
(Bic South Africa/Facebook)

Pen manufacturer Bic South Africa has been forced to apologise after social media was flooded with complaints about an advert it posted for Women's Day that said: "Look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man, work like a boss."

As PR fails go, it was pretty bad...

The South African brand deleted the post after people posted their outrage, many reportedly saying it was derogatory. It also posted an apology on Facebook.

But the original mentality behind the ad has not been forgiven just yet.

You might remember the last time the company offended just about everyone, when it introduced pink pens "for her" in 2012.

The internet has reacted to the latest blunder as it does best, with some clever photoshopping.

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