Russian company makes $3,000 Putin Apple Watch

Watch also features engravings of Moscow skyline and Russian Imperial crown

Russian Jewellery Company Makes $3,000 Putin Apple Watch
Russian company makes $3,000 Putin Apple Watch
Caviar, a Russian owned luxury jewellery company has launched the ultimate accessory for fans of the country's president.

Customers can now buy a $3,000 customised Apple Watch which features Vladimir Putin's signature.

The pricey watch also features engravings of the Moscow skyline and the Russian Imperial crown.

Anna Lobova, the company's spokesperson, says: "This collection includes three watch models dedicated to Russia's greatest times. Those are the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and the current time. We chose key elements from each of those periods, key symbols and use them in the watch design.

"For instance the design of this model is centred around the panorama of the Moscow skyline and the name of President Putin and the artistically reproduced signature of the president.

"Because in our world we live in the president of the Russian Federation is a true symbol of our strong, independent country, so his image can be used as the real symbol of our times."

This is not the first time the company has released products dedicated to the controversial president.

Last year the company sold special edition, Russian-themed, customised iPhones complete with the image of the president's face on the back.

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