Man earns free pizza for the rest of the year

By accidentally playing two phone companies off against each other he lands huge freebie

A conversation between Dan May and Three UK about pizza on Twitter(Twitter)

A clever customer managed to get free pizza until 2016 by inadvertently playing off two rival phone companies.

O2 was running a #waggytails Twitter campaign and offering free pizza and ice cream to people who sent them their address.

But a guy called Dan May missed out and tweeted O2 saying he was now tempted to join their rival phone company Three.

And Three got involved, sending him five pizzas and four tubs of ice cream from Pizza Hut. Dan was impressed.

But O2 fought back and offered Dan free pizza for the rest of the year.

Dan was overwhelmed.

He thought it might be a joke, but it wasn't. O2 sent him a direct message to confirm the good news.

We're quite amazed at the lengths some companies will go to keep just one customer! And jealous of the free pizza.

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