Wales offers best staycation value

The country offers the cheapest family activities


Wales offers best staycation value

Families looking for staycation ideas should consider Wales, after the principality was named as the cheapest place to take the family in the UK. found that Wales offered the cheapest family activities in the British Isles. Total spending for a family trip to a theme park, beach, stately home, zoo and museum cost just £94.01, substantially less than in the rest of the UK.

The average cost to visit a theme park in Wales is just £45.57 in contrast to the South East, which was most expensive, at £132.19.

Within England the East Midlands came out as the cheapest for families at £144.86 for five activities.

Here's how the different regions broke down, according to the research:


Cost for five family activities





East Midlands


North East


Yorkshire & Humberside


North West


East of England


South West


West Midlands




South East


The research revealed that the most expensive activity for families is generally a visit to a theme park while museums offered the best value with plenty being completely free.

"Unsurprisingly the South East was the most expensive place for families followed closely by London," said Darren Williams from "What we did find though was that there are lots of free places to visit in the capital so if you want a free day out, it's easy to find one. Added to that we did unearth a number of urban beaches in London so even a bucket and spade day is possible."

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