Mum finds mouse in baby wipes

Norwich mum finds mouse in packet of baby wipes: unusual mouse discoveries

Mom Finds Dead Mouse In Baby Wipes

Leanne Phelps on Facebook31-year-old mum Leanne Phelps from Norwich said she was taking her makeup off using Huggies baby wipes over the weekend, when she came across a dead mouse swashed between the wipes. She said she screamed and dropped the wipes - at which point her 14-month-old son Carter tried to pick up the packet and put it in his mouth.

According to the Mirror that she had called 101 and had been told that if she or her son had wiped their mouths with the wipes they could have been at risk of catching diseases spread by mice.

The Daily Mail reported that some people had suggested her cat could have put the mouse in the packet, but she couldn't see how it could have got in between the wipes. She added that there were no holes in the packaging.

A spokesperson from Kimberley-Clark said they take complaints of this nature very seriously, but had yet to get the product back for testing.

Mouse discoveries

It's still far too early to speculate as to how the mouse got into the packet, but mice are adept at getting into odd places, and so have a habit of showing up unexpectedly. Here are five unusual - and in some cases fairly gross - mouse discoveries.

We reported back in March on the couple from Clacton in Essex who were unpacking their shopping when a mouse bolted from one of the shopping bags and into a gap between the kitchen skirting boards. It took then two days to trap it.

Back in 2013, a plumber from Stoneyburn had something of a surprise when he tipped frozen scampi into his deep-fat fryer, and retrieved a deep fried mouse.

An even more grim mouse discovery was made in September 2012, by a woman from Stockport who was tucking into a BLT sandwich from Tesco. She bit into a bit of darker meat, before examining it more closely and discovering it was a sliced dead mouse.

Two years earlier, Oxford Crown Court heard the case of a dead mouse found baked into a loaf of bread - of which several slices had already been used. In this instance the manufacturer was made to pay compensation.

And a year before that there was the woman from St Austell, who found a dead mouse in a jar of Asda Extra Special curry sauce. She had a closer look after thinking the sauce was 'more lumpy than usual'.

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