Freebie Friday: great freebies to kick-start summer

Free ale, golf sessions, Skylanders and La Tasca meals

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When the school summer holidays kick off this weekend, parents across England and Wales can look forward to the most expensive few weeks of the year. But before you resign yourself to handing over a month's salary direct to toy manufacturers, cinemas and ice cream sellers, it's worth taking a look at some of the things you can get for free this weekend - from a round of golf to a game of Skylanders or even a cold glass of beer.

Free ale
Until the end of July, you can pick up a free pint of Shipyard Pale Ale or a free St-Germain cocktail (plus a free glass of wine when you order a flatbread) at your local Pitcher and Piano. To qualify you just need to sign up for the newsletter.

Free golf
HSBC is offering a free hour of golf to children and their families this weekend - to celebrate the return of The Open to St Andrews. Around 300 clubs are taking part, and all you need to do is go to the website to find your nearest freebie, then call to book your place.

Free seeds
The Covent Garden Soup company is running an offer for free seeds. You'll need to buy the soup, then go online and use the code inside the pack to order your seeds. If you want to take advantage, it's worth doing so sooner rather than later, because there are only a limited number of seeds, and thousands of them have already been claimed. Asda has the soup on offer for £1 at the moment, which is significantly cheaper than elsewhere.

Free Skylanders
If you're on O2, you can get a free pack of Skylanders from GAME using the O2 priority app. It's a great freebie, because these sell for between £15 and £20 normally, so although the deal is supposed to run until 20 September, it's worth getting to your local shop before the codes run out. You'll need to download the app, get to the store, check they have the packs in stock and then apply for your code at that point - because you need to show the code to the cashier, and they expire after 10 minutes.

Free kids' meals
Throughout the summer holidays, kids can eat for free at La Tasca. One child can get a free meal for every adult spending at least £10. The kids menu usually costs £5.99 - and includes three mini tapas, a drink and a dessert, so it's a decent freebie - and let's face it, during the summer holidays you're going to deserve a treat or two.

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