Morrisons triple pepperoni pizza comes with just three sausage slices

Morrisons produces another great social media response, and another poor product

Disappointing pizza

Timothy Mitchell, was on his way home from work when he was tempted by Morrisons' own brand triple pepperoni meal - which promised to come 'piled high with pepperoni'. He liked the look of the pizza on the packet - which was indeed piled high with meat, so he was somewhat disappointed when the pizza showed up with just three slices of spicy sausage.

Mitchell, a 54-year-old painter and decorator from Leeds, took a photo of the offending pizza and published it on the Morrisons Facebook page. To their credit Morrisons responded with the phrase: "That's a rubbish pizza Timothy! I'm really sorry about that." It then asked him to send barcode details so he could get his money back.

Morrisons has received widespread praise for its social media response to complaints. Last month when a customer posted to Facebook about his 'wonky bread' the tongue-in-cheek response went viral.

Manufacturing problems?

Unfortunately, this isn't the only problem Morrisons has had with its pizzas. Yesterday morning it also received a message from a Facebook user called Reggie Tricker, complaining about a cheese and tomato pizza he had bought. The box shows a glimpse of the pizza, and on this section there was plenty of topping - across the rest of the pizza, however, it was sparse.

The response was equally upbeat, saying: "Hi Reggie that's a really poor Pizza, I'm so sorry about this. Can I ask you to PM me your address so we can sort something out for you?" On 12th July it also had a message from a user called Nicola Green asking: "Just tried one of your meat feast pizzas. Is there a prize on offer if you find any meat??

And the problems don't stop there, alongside (perhaps understandable) instances of creepy crawlies that have made their way into fresh fruit and vegetables, the Facebook feed is packed with photos of manufacturing errors.

In the last few days these have ranged from macaroni cheese packed into a fish pie box, to a cheese and ham slice which quite clearly contained something entirely different, a packet of 12 Yorkshire puddings which only held 11, a mini cheese and onion roll that contained a piece of blue plastic, jam doughnuts with no jam and custard doughnuts that were filled with apple.

There will be those who point out that with millions of items sold at stores across the country every week, there are bound to be some mistakes. There will be others who highlight that there's no point in a supermarket being outstanding at social media if it can't get the food right in the first place.

But what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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