Lottery win postie plans to continue with his rounds

After a dream holiday, that is

Postman delivering mail

A Welsh postman who scooped £2.6 million on the lottery last week says he plans to carry on with his rounds.

Matt Evans, 35, netted his win with a Lucky Dip ticket with the numbers 3, 10, 35, 38, 40 and 41 last week. But while the £2,604,015 is a life-changing amount, Matt has no plans to chuck everything in.

He's asked his Royal Mail bosses if he can take a four-week summer holiday to celebrate his Lotto win - but says he's promised to return to his 11-hour shifts afterwards.

Matt has been delivering the post for the last eight years to homes in Barry, South Wales.

"I am not planning on going back to work for the next four weeks but I love my job," Matt tells the Carmarthen Journal.

"I have the next month to sort my head out but I can't see myself doing anything else."

However, Matt isn't one of those lottery winners who doesn't plan to change their life at all. After spending the last few years living with his parents to save up for the deposit on a house, he's now finally able to move - and says he hopes to buy his own estate.

He says he's planning to travel to the Lions Tour in New Zealand and the Ashes in Australia and is thinking of buying a Ferrari - as well as more shares in Royal Mail.

He's already given his sister £4,000 for kitchen improvements and promised to take his mother to the Wimbledon final and his dad to the Grand Prix in Monaco.

Some lottery winners blow the lot - Lee Ryan, for example, who got through £6.5 million in a few years. He's now earning £10,000 a year as a cameraman, although he says he's much happier.

Others, though, take a more cautious approach. We recently reported on a £4.3 million win by Jane Lewis, who initially bought herself just a pair of slippers.

A survey last year revealed that as many as 12% of people would blow a lottery win if they got the chance - and, surprisingly, 18% of the traditionally canny Scots. Men were more likely to invest a windfall, while women preferred to splash the cash or buy a house.

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