Budget poll: target tax dodgers and higher earners

Public wants higher earners to carry a heavier burden while tax dodgers should face stiffer penalties

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Chancellor George Osborne should use today's Budget to clamp down on businesses and individuals who avoid tax, a poll has suggested.

Finance firm Partnership asked 2,000 consumers what they would most like to see announced in the chancellor's Budget.

More than half (52%) supported stiffer penalties for businesses that avoided tax topped the list, while 39% were in favour of targeting tax dodging individuals.

Another popular choice (50%) was increasing the amount of tax those who earn £150,000 or more pay were the most popular moves. Such a move is highly unlikely, however, with the chancellor more likely to cut that particular rate than increase it.

Mark Stopard, Head of Product Development at Partnership, said:

"When asked, consumers clearly felt that those people and corporations who avoided tax should be penalised while at the same time, higher earners should shoulder a larger tax burden.

"These moves are unlikely to impact most people on a day to day basis so you can see the appeal, but we will need to wait until tomorrow to see exactly what the new Budget brings."

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