Is this the world's meanest bacon-and-egg roll?

Airport meal mocked on social media

The offending bacon and egg roll.

A distinctly underwhelmed passenger at Edinburgh Airport has shared a picture of what he got for £3.20 at the EAT concession.

After waiting 15 minutes for the bacon-and-egg roll, the anonymous traveller was astonished to see the miniature egg and tiny strip of bacon.

But, he says, "I never asked for a refund as I figured it must just be overpriced s*** cause it's an airport."

"The part that made it worse was that they told me to take a seat and they'd bring it over. The only empty table was clearly empty because it hadn't been cleaned for what appeared to be weeks and then after 15 minutes I had to go back and ask where my roll was which they had totally forgotten about."

Other Reddit users mocked the roll, with one suggesting that the bacon must have come from a micro pig.

"What are they using, hummingbird eggs :-)" asked one. Another responded: "A battery hen? AAA type."

Edinburgh Airport has said it will take the matter up with EAT.

Airport food is notoriously bad value, not least because outlets have a captive audience. But they also have to pay high rents - sky-high, indeed - and cover extra costs such as security checks for staff.

The end result, though, is that airports are often the worst place to buy, well, just about anything. Getting your holiday cash there, for example, can cost ten times as much as high street bureaus.

As for airport parking, here in the UK we're paying the highest prices in the world, according to recent research from Just Park. In many cases, parking can even cost more than the flight.

But the Reddit poster should bear in mind that things could have been worse. Earlier this year, the Daily Meal ranked its 11 worst airports in the world for food, and Edinburgh doesn't even feature on the list.

Gatwick appears at number nine, thanks to a limited choice; but worst of all, says the magazine, is in Beijing.

"Beijing Capital International Airport's cavernous terminals are punctuated with Spartan fast-food outposts like Starbucks and KFC, a handful of nondescript 'Chinese' cafes, and food kiosks selling tea and instant noodles," it says.
The Best Airport Food

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