What are Lotto-winning gran Jane Lewis' plans after hitting the jackpot?

Jane Lewis splashes out - on a pair of slippers


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"I thought £10 out of your pension's a lot..." mused Jane Lewis, recalling the fateful Wednesday she impulsively bought five Lucky Dips for the Lotto at her local Tesco.

It was completely out of character for the 69-year-old grandmother from Sowerby Bridge, near Halifax. Apparently Jane doesn't even go out on a Wednesday normally. Now she's won £4.3 million and that retirement fund's looking a whole lot healthier.

The retired seamstress and mother of five was one of three winners who each scooped £4,301,108 in the Lotto Quadruple Rollover draw on Wednesday June 17.

Jane doesn't have any grand plans, just a nice bungalow and a headstone for her son. According to the Halifax Courier her first purchase after winning big was an £18 pair of slippers.

"I got the bus into town to buy a new pair of slippers I'd had my eye on for a while and had been saving up for." Good for you, Jane.

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