Brits plan to splash out on their holidays

Biggest spenders are those living in Yorkshire and Humberside


boeing 747s jumbo jet taking off at sunset

As many as a third of Britons plan to spend more while on overseas trips this year, according to a survey.

And the biggest spenders are those living in Yorkshire and Humberside, while East Midlanders are likely to fork out the least on a foreign break.

The poll of 2,004 adults, by Sainsbury's Bank, showed 33% of holidaymakers intend to take more spending money on trips abroad this year than in 2014.

On average, Britons will be taking an extra £157 of spending money away with them this year.

A total of 43% of Yorkshire and Humberside travellers plan to spend more during foreign breaks, while 39% of the Welsh intend to take more spending money with them.

But only 19% of travellers living in the West Midlands plan to spend more abroad this year than last.

The research found that just 12% intend to spend less than last year. Among travellers from south west England, 38% plan to spend more and just 7% intend to spend less.

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