Watch: son tricks dad into thinking he's won the lottery

Cruel joke to play, but father takes it pretty well

Dad Falls for Fake Lottery Prank

Tricking a stranger into thinking they'd won the lottery would be bad enough, but to do it to your own dad is a special kind of mean.

Nonetheless, that's exactly what Charles Sinclair did. Having got his hands on some fake scratch cards, he invited his father to help check if his luck was in.

Scratching away at the "winning" ticket, his dad can be heard saying "One more and we get $10,000. Hold on... let me get my glasses". All while son Charles struggles to contain a smirk.

An understandably sceptical dad checks the result a number of times before becoming convinced he'd actually won a substantial sum.

Charles then brings his dad's hopes crushing back to earth by asking him to read the fine print on the back, which explains "this ticket is only valid in your dreams".

Realising he'd been had, the father simply smiles and says: "At least I didn't go crazy. You got me though."

What do you think? Was this a cruel trick to play or just a bit of banter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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