Homeowners 'spend up to £40,000 on Stamp Duty'

Those in London unsurprisingly pay the most


Stamp duty costs 'add up to £9,644'

The average homeowner will spend nearly £10,000 in Stamp Duty costs over their lifetime in order to move up the housing ladder - while some can spend up to £40,000, a report suggests.

Across England and Wales, someone who had bought their first home in 1999 and went on to move up the property ladder, buying a detached home in 2015, will have paid around £9,644 in Stamp Duty as a result of all their house purchases, research from Lloyds Bank found.

With property prices having seen some strong increases over the last year, Lloyds estimates that across England and Wales, the total Stamp Duty revenue raised in the year to March 2015 was £7.7 billion - comfortably exceeding the £6.2 billion raised in the year to March 2008 at the peak of the last housing boom.

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Lloyds assumed that a typical home buyer will make three property purchases over their lifetime - and that their first home would be a terraced house or flat, their second would be a semi-detached property and their third would be a detached home.

To make the £9,644 calculation, it also assumed that the home owner would have bought their first property in May 1999, at a typical starter home price for that time of £58,889, which would have been below the Stamp Duty threshold.

The home owner would have moved again in May 2007, paying £228,323 for their home - and this time racking up £2,283 in Stamp Duty costs.

They would have made their final move up the property ladder in May 2014, buying a detached home for £347,232 and paying £7,361 in Stamp Duty - bringing the total Stamp Duty bill paid over their three property purchases to a total of £9,644.

However, someone moving to a detached home this year would pay around £2,500 less in Stamp Duty than if they had bought their home a year earlier, the report said. The Government reformed the "slab" structure of Stamp Duty in December 2014, making the tax cheaper for the majority of people liable to pay it.

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Large variations were found across England and Wales in the Stamp Duty bill home owners will pay over their lives.

In London, home buyers will pay around four times as much in Stamp Duty over their lifetime as buyers across the country, at around £38,600, Lloyds calculated.

The lowest lifetime Stamp Duty costs were found in Wales, at around £3,800.

Under the new Stamp Duty system, someone buying a home in England and Wales for up to £125,000 pays no Stamp Duty, but above this point they pay rates on the part of the property that falls within each tax band.

Between £125,001 and £250,000 the rate is 2% and between £250,001 and £925,000 it is 5%. Between £925,001 and £1.5 million the rate is 10% and at £1,500,001 and over it is 12%.

The tipping point at which Stamp Duty becomes more expensive than it was under the previous system is when someone is buying a home for over £937,500.

Despite many people facing cheaper Stamp Duty bills than under the old system, overall, Lloyds estimates that £7.7 billion was spent by home buyers across England and Wales in the year to March, which is £1.5 billion more than a year earlier. It is also £1.5 billion more than the amount raised in the year to March 2008 during the last housing boom.

Nitesh Patel, a housing economist at Lloyds Bank, said: "The average home buyer now pays almost £10,000 during their life as they make their way up the housing ladder.

"The welcome reforms to Stamp Duty announced by the Chancellor last December have helped to reduce Stamp Duty bills for the overwhelming majority of home buyers and movers.

"However, as these figures show, the overall revenue raised with Stamp Duty actually increased by £1.5 billion in the year to March 2015."

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Lloyds used house price data from sister brand Halifax to make its calculations.

A Treasury spokeswoman said: "We've reformed the Stamp Duty system to make it fairer and cheaper for 98% of people who pay it - helping first-time buyers and those looking to move up the housing ladder."

Here are the average amounts of Stamp Duty paid by a home owner during a lifetime of moving up the housing ladder by region, according to Lloyds Bank:

:: North, £3,958

:: Yorkshire and the Humber, £4,522

:: North West, £5,629

:: East Midlands, £3,985

:: West Midlands, £6,426

:: East Anglia, £6,981

:: Wales, £3,831

:: South West, £9,067

:: South East, £22,831

:: London, £38,598

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