New show to delve into our secret shopping habits

Anne Robinson will also look at how judgemental we are about other people's spending


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Self-confessed shopaholic Anne Robinson has signed up to present a new BBC1 series on Britain's secret spending habits.

The Watchdog host, 70, will front the two-part documentary this summer.

Robinson, who has confessed to a love of spending, said: "My attitude to money is embarrassingly, bottom-clenchingly un-British.

"Most women would rather have a bikini wax in public than be honest about their spending and most men would rather show off their bald patch than admit what they earn.

"We reveal just how secretive we are about our own spending, but fantastically unforgiving and judgemental about other people's."

The former Weakest Link host will meet a frugal Baroness with inherited wealth, a self-made businessman, two families who reveal how they make ends meet and will ask whether money really makes people happy in the series, given the working title Britain's Secret Spending Habits.

Robinson has said in the past that she is "more designer than High Street", adding: "I never look at price tags these days... I just love my new Hermes handbag."

And she has said. "I think that people who pretend to despise money are actually very envious of it. It's a bogus attitude."

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