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It's possible to almost halve the cost of a rail journey by using a technique known as ticket splitting, new figures reveal.

Ticket splitting involves buying different tickets for different parts of a journey, but without needing to change trains, as long as the train actually stops at all those named.

For example, rather than buying a ticket from Birmingham to Leeds, it's possible to save money by buying one from Birmingham to Derby, one from Derby to Sheffield and another from Sheffield to Leeds - and still travelling on a single through train.

Now,, which sells split tickets, has checked out the routes that offer the biggest bargains. Published in the Mirror Online, they show some astonishing savings to be made.

The biggest percentage saving is to be found on an advance single from London to Huddersfield, which normally costs £98.40. But splitting the journey into several tickets gets the price down to just £13.20 - a saving of 87%.

First-class journeys can show huge reductions in price. A a first class day return journey from Manchester to Southampton drops from £498.80 to £213.30.

"You'd have to carry a few more tickets, but happily you'll be carrying more money that you've saved too," says the company.

"Split ticketing is completely legitimate and is specifically allowed in the National Rail Conditions of Carriage. If there is a delay, all rail companies will allow you to travel on a later train."

If buying your tickets elsewhere, you will still need to specify that you want split tickets, as you can't count on rail staff to tell you the best deal.

Last week, an undercover reporter from the Dispatches programme said a First Great Western trainer told her not to issue split tickets unless asked. Her duty manager even claimed that it could get into trouble for offering split tickets - although the Department of Transport says this isn't the case.

Despite this, the number of people splitting tickets is rocketing, as passengers cotton on to the savings that can be made. Indeed, as we recently reported, it's even possible to split a season ticket, potentially saving hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

The best journeys to split an Anytime Return ticket

Journey Cost saving

Reading to Wolverhampton 56.5%
Coventry to Manchester 56.2%
Birmingham to London 52.3%
Newcastle to Birmingham 49.3%
Middlesbrough to Birmingham 48.5%
Cardiff to London 45.4%
Chester to Birmingham 42.8%

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