Challenger GB energy supply launches cheapest energy tariff

Little-known supplier has topped the energy best buy tables

Challenger GB energy supply launches cheapest energy tariff

There's a new name at the top of the energy best buy tables, and it's one you may not be familiar with.

GB Energy Supply has stormed into top spot with the Premium Energy Saver tariff, which will set back the average user just £870 a year, much cheaper than the rest of the market.

Who is GB Energy Supply?

Established only last year, GB Energy Supply is based in Broughton, near Preston.

The firm says that it can keep its prices low by having very little overheads, preferring to grow its business through word of mouth rather than popping up in the media.

GB Energy Supply is a simple, single tariff provider which doesn't charge exit fees.

However, as it's a new company it hasn't had a lot of time to build a customer base or develop much of a reputation.

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The best energy deals around

Of course GB Energy Supply has the cheapest tariff on the market at the moment, but how far behind are its nearest competitors?

Energy supplier

Tariff name

Average UK price

GB Energy Supply

Premium Energy Saver


First Utility

The Big Deal Collective Switch April 2016


First Utility

iSave Fixed May 2016


Extra Energy

Fresh Fixed Price Sept 2016 v1


Extra Energy

Clear Fixed Price March 2016 v5


Extra Energy

Bright Fixed Price Jan 2016 v9



Price Fix May 2016


First Utility

iSave Fixed May 2016


Scottish Power

Online Fixed Price Energy May 2016


Co-operative Energy

Fair and Square May 2016


Based on 3,200 kWh of electricity and 13,500 kWh of gas paid by monthly direct debit including VAT

It seems that the Big Six are falling further and further behind their smaller competitors with only npower and Scottish Power appearing in the top 10. First Utility and Extra Energy dominate the rest of the table with their competitive deals.

Make sure you find the best deal for you depending on what's available in your area as well as your average energy consumption. The best way to do this is by shopping around - why not start with the energy comparison centre?

For more advice, read How to switch your energy supplier.

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