Brothers build house from hay to escape Cornwall's expensive rent

The boys were forced out of their house by the summer tourist rents

Hay House St Agnes Cornwall

Two brothers have taken house building into their own hands after high summer tourist rent prices forced them out of their home in Cornwall.

James and Aaron Aldred had been renting a home in St Agnes, Cornwall but when their contract ended they found they couldn't afford to stay.

So, they decided on a rather unusual solution and spent £450 building a house from hay and a trailer.

The boys, who have now also been joined by a friend, say they realised they wouldn't be able to afford the sky high rents of peak summer season in Cornwall, the MailOnline reports.

They built the unusual house in their back garden in just a few weeks using an old trailer they found in a scrapyard, recycled wood and straw.

The boys have now been living in the house for six weeks and have moved the house to another location once since they moved in.
Hay house Cornwall St Agnes
St Agnes, Cornwall

James Aldred, 26, said: "We thought if they can do it, then so can we. With the exception of treehouses that we built when we young, this is the first time we have done anything like this.

"I can see why people would think it's a bit crazy but it does me and it does my brother. It gives us everything you would need from a general house, we have a toilet and a shower, and electricity which runs off solar panels."

James added: "We have a really nice spot, we can see the sunrise and the sunset from where we are."

According to Metro, the brothers are planning on staying in the bizarre accommodation until the end of the summer when the rents will drop and they will be able to afford a regular house in the village.

But it seems that maybe some of the locals aren't as happy with the quirky house as the boys think.

Peter Mitchell, councillor for St Agnes, said: "The building almost looks like our Giant Bolster sat up there but it is incongruous on the landscape."

Take a look at our slideshow below to see more pictures of the unusual home.

Cornwall's unusual house made from hay

Cornwall's unusual house made from hay

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