Pensioner wins £210,000 after election bet

Bet £30,000 at odds of 7-1 that Tories would gain outright majority

General Election 2015 campaign - April 28th

A Glaswegian man in his 70s has won £210,000 after betting big on the result of today's election.

The unnamed man staked an astonishing £30,000 that the Tories would win outright at odds of 7-1.

Ladbrokes staff told the Daily Record that he had placed the bet in the branch near Glasgow Central Station. He apparently paid his stake with a wad of crisp £50 notes, and seemed confident that he knew what he was doing.

Given that almost every pre-election poll had predicted a hung parliament, it was an extraordinarily risky bet to take.

The Telegraph reported that it's thought the punter was a retired accountant.

The Record pointed out that central Glasgow was the last place you'd expect to find someone with so much faith in the Conservative party.

It's proof that punters are willing to bet on almost anything. In fact, an estimated £100 million was bet on the outcome of the vote, which makes it a bigger market than the Royal Baby. In 2014 more money was bet on politics than on F1 racing.

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