Were you a May 2015 Premium Bonds winner?

Could your summer be off to great start?

Were you a May 2015 Premium Bonds winner?

Were you one of the lucky winners in May's Premium Bonds draw?

Once again, two lucky players won £1,000,000 each this month.

A man from Essex with total holdings of £25,3000 won the first million. His winning bond (bond number: 206QY340187) was bought in May 2013.

The second winner is a female living in the Nottinghamshire. This player's winning bond (bond number: 171CC211230) was bought in August 2010. She had total holdings of £12,833.

For the May 2015 draw, ERNIE paid out over 2 million prizes of more than £60 million in value.

Take a look at the rest of the big prize winning numbers from this month's draw to see if you were a winner.
Prize value Winning bond numberAreaTotal value of holdingDate of purchase
£1,000,000206QY340187Essex£25,300May 13
£1,000,000171CC211230Nottinghamshire£12,833Aug 10
£100,000201XK149320Southampton£30,000Jan 13
£100,000151HY367580Birmingham£40,000Feb 09
£50,000234MW812497Norfolk£30,250Nov 14
£50,000164AZ152310Cornwall£30,000Jan 10
£50,000139SA141694Liverpool£6,000Jun 08
£50,000231XA551717Southampton£40,000Sep 14
£50,000149SN619833Surrey£40,000Jan 09
£50,00038XV216175North Yorkshire£30,000Oct 04
£50,000223KY069189Derbyshire£10,025Jun 14
£50,000230DC470845Edinburgh£32,050Aug 14
£50,000233CR197829Surrey£38,775Oct 14
£50,000203FS833810Hampshire and Isle of Wight£30,000Mar 13
£25,000204LB605820Gwent Valleys£500Apr 13
£25,000238ZP682645Hampshire and Isle of Wight£25,625Jan 15
£25,000162AT387398Greater Manchester£15,002Nov 09
£25,000138YR711689Oxfordshire£30,000May 08
£25,000208MW138029Stoke-On-Trent£25,014Jul 13
£25,000117SH626547Suffolk£29,992Oct 06
£25,000180PH261228West Sussex£30,000May 11
£25,000202HY578251Cheshire West and Chester£21,000Feb 13
£25,00071AT147327West Sussex£30,375May 98
£25,000192LL389700Lothian£40,000Apr 12
£25,000145AH075174Staffordshire£29,998Oct 08
£25,000141GW025970Suffolk£12,802Jul 08
£25,00033VG737866Hertfordshire£40,000Jun 02
£25,000214RR601269Essex£30,000Dec 13
£25,00065HT937626Devon£4,706Jun 97
£25,00033PH930010Kent£40,000Oct 01
£25,000107CB037085Essex£2,000Feb 06
£25,000232QA006586Staffordshire£10,000Oct 14

Information supplied by National Savings & Investments

The annual Premium Bonds prize fund rate is currently 1.35% and the odds of each individual Bond number winning a prize are 26,000 to 1. The chances of all bonds winning are the same, regardless of when or where they were bought.

There is no time limit for claiming prizes, and Premium Bonds holders can reduce the chances of their prizes becoming unclaimed by managing their Premium Bonds online or opting to have any prizes paid directly into their bank accounts by BACS, with notification by email. To sign up, holders should visit: http://www.nsandi.com/register

Customers can check the Premium Bonds prize checker on the NS&I website to see if they have won.

Alternatively, you can check in here every month to see if you were a winner.

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