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The website wants me to pay for its mistake on my holiday booking...

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Dear Fixer,
When Expedia failed to send me any confirmation regarding a holiday I booked with them over the phone, I began to get worried that there had been some mistake. I was right.

Although the money was taken from my credit card in my name - Jeffrey Parkin - the email address and flight details had been entered incorrectly.

The confirmation had been sent to a non-existent email address and the flights had been booked in the name Tarkin, not Parkin.

Now, Expedia are saying that I have to pay to change the names on the flights, something that is going to cost me more than £100.

I have done nothing wrong, and I do not see why I should pay for their mistake. Can you help?

J Parkin, Bracknell

Dear Mr Parkin,

By the time Expedia investigated your case at my request, you had already paid the £142.80 charge to change the names on your flights.

It has therefore decided to refund you that amount and is also offering you an Expedia voucher that can be used for future booking as a gesture of goodwill.

Expedia said: "Our customer support team are all trained to phonetically spell out names with the customer to avoid spelling mistakes, so this is not a situation we usually face.

"We are very sorry that the service Mr Parkin received did not match up to the high standards we believe our customers should be able to expect.

"Given the unusual circumstances of this case, we have offered Mr Parkin a full refund for the cost of the changes to his booking and a gesture of goodwill in recognition of the inconvenience caused."

The Fixer

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