Is this the world's smallest hen's egg?

Hen’s egg is smaller than a 5p piece - but is it the smallest ever found?

Egg smaller than 5p piece

A pet hen has laid what could be the smallest hen's egg in the world. 12-year-old Shannon Hayes spotted the egg, which is only 1.9 cm long, in the hen house at her home in Capel Iwan, Camarthenshire.

Hayes told the Carmarthen Journal that she hopes this qualifies the egg for the record books, and told the Daily Mail that she's keeping it safe in the fridge just in case.


Unfortunately, it's unlikely that any official awards are coming her way. The Guinness Book of World Records doesn't have a category for the smallest hens egg.

It hasn't stopped people speculating that their hen may have produced the word's smallest over the years. Her closest contender appears to have been produced by a hen called Muffin in March last year. The bird belongs to another schoolgirl, Jessie Bartys from Cheddar in Somerset, who said her egg was "just under 2cm'. There was also one found by a breeder in Wrexham in 2011, which was simply described as being smaller than a 5p piece.

It seems odd that there isn't an official record, given the bizarre egg records that have made it to the Guinness Book. Among the weirdest are the record for the most eggs crushed with a kick in one minute (45 - achieved by Cung Le in Torrance in the US in April last year); the fastest time to balance a dozen eggs (which took Brian Spotts of Colorado 1 minute 6.45 seconds earlier this year); and the most eggs cracked with one hand in an hour (set by Corey Perras from Ottowa in 2012, who managed an astounding 3,031).

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