10 voucher codes to cheer you up

Bargains and discounts From Sainsbury's, Argos, Sports Direct and Adidas

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We all need a bit of cheering up this weekend. It's just not fair that many of us will have to sit in the drizzle at the weekend when we spent all week trapped at work, looking at the glorious weather through the window. Surely we deserve something comforting, warming, and cheering to take our minds off it.

If you decide to treat yourself this weekend, it's worth taking a look at the vouchers on offer, so you can cheer yourself up without creating a financial depression further down the road.


Biscuits are officially the foodstuff that cures all ills. You can send tins of incredibly elaborate biscuits from Biscuiteers, which will put a smile on anyone's face. There are special boxes for fans of everything from Superheroes to shoes. They're a high end product, so prices start at £30 per tin. However, if you use this voucher, you'll get £5 off your first tin.

If you want your comfort food in large quantities, and you haven't shopped online with Sainsbury's before, you can get £15 off your first order of over £100, when you use this code. That should cover a fair few of your risotto, mashed potato, biscuit and tea needs.

Furniture Village
If you're not getting to go out, then it might be time to consider upgrading your interiors. If you sign up for the Furniture Village newsletter through this link, you'll get £25 off any order of £250 or more. As ever with furniture shops, there's a sale on at the moment, so you can buy a bed that was once priced at £539 for £399 - and get an extra £25 off.

Alternatively, you can invest in something cheaper and brighter from Argos. If you use this code at the checkout, you'll get 20% off when you spend £25 or more on homewares. It means you can splash out on some new cushions and throws, and perk the place up for less.

Urban Outfitters
If you're after something quirkier, you could try Urban Outfitters, which has novelties like a side light in the shape of a pug dog for £70 or a stool in the shape of a hamburger for £120. And if your total bill comes to £150 or more, you can use this voucher to get £30 off.

If you fancy something artistic, this site has an enormous range of framed prints and canvases - including a number by contemporary artists, as well as more classical works. If you spend more than £15, this voucher will give you 25% off and free delivery into the bargain.

And for the optimists

Sarah Raven
If you're determined not to let it get you down, then why not get out in the garden, and take advantage of some free natural watering. If you have to pick up any supplies, you can get 20% off at Sarah Raven with this voucher.

Jersey Plants Direct
Alternatively, you can get £5 off your first order with Jersey Plants Direct when you recommend a friend by clicking through this link.

Sports Direct
You can plan ahead for some summery sports at Sports Direct, and use this voucher to get a £5 voucher when you click and collect - while you're there, you could pick up a massive golf umbrella too.

At the moment you can also get 15% off at the Adidas shop when you click through this link to sign up for the newsletter.

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