Parking fees are the charge we hate most

Survey ranks the fees we're forced to pay

Union call to end 'rip-off' station parking fees

Consumers consider charges for parking the most-loathed fee they have to fork out for, according to a survey.

Unreasonable parking charges topped the table of least-popular fees and charges, the poll by Direct Line showed.

The next most-hated charge was the ATM cash-withdrawal fee followed by debit/credit card surcharges for booking items such as air travel.

Fourth on the pet-hate list was the charge to use a public toilet, followed by compulsory tipping, booking fees on tickets and bank overdraft fees.

Fees for renewing or replacing a passport were the eighth-most loathed charge, with the top 10 completed by mobile phone roaming charges and charges for updating or amending an insurance policy.

Asked about their frustration with such charges, 48% said the items should be free, while 31% reckoned the fees were too high.

Direct Line's motor director Gus Park said: "These types of fees and charges can be very frustrating because they tend to cover things that we either feel entitled to or think we have already paid for as part of another product or service."

These were the 10 most-loathed fees and charges:

1. Unreasonable parking charges

2. ATM cash-withdrawal fee

3. Debit/credit card surcharge fee, eg when booking air travel

4. Charge to use a public toilet

5. Compulsory tipping/automatically added service charge

6. Booking fees on tickets, eg music concert

7. Bank overdraft fees

8. Passport renewal/replacement/update charge

9. Mobile phone roaming charges

10. Charge for amending/updating insurance policy details, eg new car or address

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