The cheapest destinations for a city break

The falling euro means more of us can afford a city break - so where is cheapest?

Amsterdam with canal in the downtown, Holland.

The falling value of the euro means that one in three of us plan to take more city breaks than ever this year. However, as Rupert Lee-Browne, founder of Caxton FX, points out, while some cities are definitely getting cheaper to visit - not all city breaks are equally affordable.

He explained: "Many people are not necessarily clued up on the true cost of visiting their favourite cities. The day-to-day costs can vary quite considerably between cities, so we always recommend travellers take into account living costs once they arrive. The important question is not whether we can afford a city break, but which city we can afford to go to."

Caxton calculated the cost of visiting some of the most popular cities in the world - and has produced a list of the ten most affordable.

The ten best value city break destinations

The ten best value city break destinations

Interestingly, although the falling euro has made many of the top ten more affordable, the very cheapest cities lie outside the Eurozone - proving it may be worth looking beyond the obvious if you want to cut your costs still further.

The researchers also asked people to name the city they thought would be the most affordable, and they named Amsterdam. This is the seventh most expensive destination on the list.


At the expensive end of the spectrum, Oslo was named as the priciest. Among the jaw-dropping prices were a £4.23 Big Mac and a half hour taxi ride that costs £72. Venice came second on the list, largely because of the cost of getting around the city.

The third most expensive was Madrid - with travel and expensive museums to blame. Fourth priciest was Stockholm - where a glass of wine will cost you £6.24, and the fifth most expensive was New York, where the strength of the dollar has pushed prices up across the board.

Of course, it's possible to travel on a budget wherever you are - if you are prepared to compromise on things like eating out, drinking, and expensive sightseeing. However, if you want a cheap break without the work, it may be worth checking prices in your destination before you travel - or picking from the budget end of this list.

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