Shoppers paying less for groceries

The cost of an average basket costs 7% less than a year ago

Shoppers paying less for groceries

Shoppers are paying significantly less for some basic grocery items than they were a year ago, with the cost of an average basket now 7% cheaper, figures suggest.

Overall, the price of the same basket of 35 items compiled by dropped from £93.95 in March 2014 to £87.70 - a difference of 7%.

Essentials like a four pint container of milk is down 4%, butter and cheddar cheese are both down 5%, a dozen eggs now cost 9% less and white bread costs 2% less.

Fresh fruit and vegetables have seen some of the biggest price drops, such as cucumber, down 19%, broccoli, down 16%, onions, down 12%, and fresh peppers and mushrooms, both down 9%.

A 1kg bag of fresh chicken pieces now costs 17% less than it did last March and the price of a 750g pack of minced beef is down 10%.

Other products that cost less are breakfast cereals, down 2%, crisps, down 8%, and frozen chips, fish fingers and pizza, all between 1% and 9% less expensive.

Of all the 35 items in the basket, just four cost more now than they did in March last year - bananas and cola, both up 3%, baked beans, up 2% and fruit yoghurt, now 0.04% more.

A spokesman said: "Whilst some global or seasonal factors may be the cause of a drop for certain items, the welcome trend in falling grocery prices is as a result of the supermarket price war.

"We welcome the fall in prices and the continued savings that shoppers are making on their weekly shop."

Kantar Worldpanel figures from last week show grocery inflation has seen its 19th successive fall and now stands at -2.0% for the 12 week period ending March 29.

The market analysts said the figure was a record low since it began recording GPI in October 2006 and reflected the impact of Aldi and Lidl and the market's competitive response, as well as deflation in some major categories including vegetables, milk, eggs and bread.

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