£53m lottery winner continues work as volunteer

Works in a community hall kitchen that serves lunch to pensioners

EuroMillions lottery winners

A woman who recently won a EuroMillions jackpot along with her husband has vowed to continue volunteering to help the elderly.

Angela Maxwell had initially thought it was an April Fool's joke when her husband, Richard, first informed her they'd won a £53m jackpot, making them the 10th biggest lottery winners in the UK.

"Richard just went red in the face and then said 'we've won £53 million'," she explains. "I said 'don't be stupid' – he's always playing jokes so I thought it was an April's Fool! I just didn't believe it."

Having had time to come to terms with the life-changing win, Angela has decided to continue her work preparing meals for the elderly at Coningsby Community Hall in Lincolnshire.

"I will still be doing that – it's lovely to see the old people," the 67-year-old told the Daily Mirror. "My volunteer work is very important to me."

"It's a two-course meal every week and they absolutely love it. They pay £3 a week and they have a raffle ticket and they enjoy it. They have a chat and they always come the next week."

Helping the community

The couple are also going to use some of their winnings to purchase a new community minibus for the OAPs.

"The engine blew up a few weeks ago," explained Richard. And it seems their generosity is unlikely to end there.

"It's a life changing amount of money," he said. "£1 million would have been amazing but £53 million enables you do so much, not just for you, but those around you.

"Our local community is really important to us in particular helping young people in the area. The win will enable us to spend more time getting involved as well as give financial support."

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