Julia Roberts sells Hawaiian estate

Yours for $30 million


Julia Roberts is selling her historic Hawaii estate for a touch under $30 million.

The plantation-era house, in Hanalei, comes with two acres of land, including 200 metres of beachfront. It's named the Faye Estate after the sugar plantation manager who bought it in 1915, and the current house was built in 1946.

"The location offers shelter, consistent offshore trade winds, sandbars, and amazing views," say agents Neal Norman.

"Today, almost all of the lots on Hanalei Bay have been subdivided and many of the original large estates are gone. Gone are the days of expansive, open spaces at Hanalei. The Faye property is one of a few parcels that retain the large, open feel and the only one that is available for sale."

The 3,792-square-foot house has seven bedrooms and four bathrooms. There's already a separate one-bedroom cottage on the estate - built from the wreckage after the house was badly damaged by a tidal wave in 1957.

The interior of the house

And there's planning permission for another 9,000 square feet of building, allowing for more accommodation and a pool.

The area's popular with celebrities, with Chuck Norris, Pierce Brosnan, Ben Stiller and Mark Zuckerberg all owning houses nearby - but then most ordinary mortals can't afford to. The median house price in the area is more than $1 million, and Zuckerberg is reported to have paid over $100 million for his.

Roberts herself bought the Faye estate in 2011 for a little under $14 million, $5 million below the asking price.

But for those that find the new $29,850,000 price tag just a touch too high, it's still possible to sample the delights of the house - at least until it sells.

The house is available to rent through brokers Hawai'i Life for $1,500 a night, with the cottage costing $350 a night.

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