Bags of air from Kanye West tour up for sale on eBay

Is there nothing people won't buy?


That's because opportunistic eBay sellers on both sides of the Atlantic are flogging bags of air from West's gigs at list prices of up to $500.

As West's wife, Kim Kardashian, tweeted: "WOW he can sell anything!"

On the UK site, there are few takers, with none of the bags having attracted any bids so far. But in the US, there have been bids on a number of the bags.

It all started over the weekend, with one bag of 'Kanye West Yeezus Tour Air' listed for $5. More than 90 people bid for the bag, bringing the price up to $60,000 before the item was removed.

Other concert-goers started piling in with their own bags of air; one vendor claimed to have been sitting in the front row, and that the bag could possibly also "contain Kanye's breath" as a result.

Some vendors have included their ticket stubs in an effort to prove the authenticity of their air. However, given that the tour ended last October and the bags are only just appearing on the auction site, their provenance may be a touch suspect all the same.

A bag of air might seem like an unusual purchase: but it could be a lot worse. Back in 2003, one lucky vendor reportedly made $2,700 selling a plastic pot claimed to contain one of Britney Spears', ahem, farts. More recently, clippings of Elvis's hair, preserved by his barber, sold for $4,160. And even a mouldy bit of toast, half-eaten by Justin Timberlake, has been sold for $1,025. It makes a bag of air look positively desirable.

But for fans who prefer something a little more tangible - and more likely to be genuine - there's always West's new Yeezy 750 Boost trainers. Produced in collaboration with Adidas, prices for the trainers range between $1,700 and $5,000 on eBay.

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