The Fixer: Child Trust Fund transfer

The government opened a CTF for my son. How can I locate it?


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Dear Fixer,
I wasn't in a financial position to put any money aside for my son when he was born in 2008. However, I would now like to start saving into an account for him.

I understand that the government will have opened a Child Trust Fund for him. And it seems sensible to pay into this account - especially as I think it already contains some money from the government.

However, I do not know where this account is held. Do you know how I can find the account?

J Ewing, Brighton

Dear Mr Ewing,

Child Trust Funds, or CTFs, were opened for children born between September 2002 and January 2011.

As you did not open an account for your son yourself at the time, one will have been opened by the government, which also made a starting contribution of £250 to each account.

These government accounts were opened with providers such as The Children's Mutual, which should have sent you a letter confirming the existence of the CTF in your child's name.

However, if you cannot find this letter, you can trace the account using this HM Revenue & Customs form.

Once you have found the account, you can start paying into it. From April 6 this year, you can also transfer the funds held in the CTF into a Junior ISA, with which your child may well receive a better interest rate.

The Fixer

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