Couple's horror at the disgusting state of their 'dream' home

When they looked round it was beautiful, but when they came to move in they were in for a shock

The carpets and plaster had to be removed because of the mess

Marie Louise Campbell, and her fiancé David Alonzi spent all their savings on their dream home. They viewed the £145,000 house in Crossgates in Dunfermline, in November last year, and couldn't wait to pick up the keys in January. However, when the couple arrived at their new home, they were horrified to discover it had been left in a terrible state.

Campbell (45) and Alonzi (46) opened the door to a shocking smell. Inside they found animal faeces smeared on the walls and floor - and covering debris strewn around the house. The carpet was so wet with animal urine that it had soaked through to the floorboards. They were forced to take up the carpet, tear up the floorboards, and cut out the bottom section of plaster in the hall to get rid of the smell.

Certainly the difference in the state of the properties must have been a shock. You can see the well-cared-for home they looked around in November from the estate agent's photos.

The house of dog mess: before the damage

The house of dog mess: before the damage

And you can see the disgusting mess that they found when they arrived to move in.

The house of dog mess: after

The house of dog mess: after

According to the Daily Mail, the couple have been unable to move in because they cannot afford the £10,000 it will cost to make the property habitable. Instead they have been forced to rent a flat at the cost of £500 a month.

Dog mess

The thought of dog mess in the home is enough to turn anyone's stomach: mess in the streets is infuriating enough for most people. In fact, it's so irritating that some authorities have been trying a range of unusual solutions.

In Dorset, the council experimented with spraying dog mess bright green, so that when owners waked past the bright green piles, they would think twice about what their dog was leaving behind.

In Todmorton, West Yorkshire, British Waterways was fed up with people putting poo into bags and then just chucking them into trees and bushes - leaving a horrible discovery for the next maintenance person to be trimming the foliage. They decided to decorate a tree with brightly coloured bags full of poo - to highlight the problem and put people off.

In Brunete in Spain, they went even further. Volunteers wandered the streets looking for irresponsible owners. When dog mess was left behind, they used the official pet database to track them down, and the dog waste was returned to the owners in a box.

And in New Taipei City in Taiwan residents were offered a lottery ticket for every bag of dog waste they handed in. They received over 14,500 bags.

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