The Fixer: Groupon order that never came

Can you help me get a refund for an order that failed to turn up?


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Dear Fixer,
A long time ago now, I ordered two down mattress toppers via Groupon. I paid more than £100 for the items, which I have never received.

I have chased the order several times over the last year or so with both Groupon and the mattress topper supplier Bedding Direct.

However, neither company seems to want to send me the items - or give me a refund.

They simply say that too much time has elapsed, try to put the blame on the other company or tell me there are no mattress toppers left in stock. Can you help?

L Cottle, Surrey

Dear Ms Cottle,

Following my intervention, Groupon has looked into your case and has decided to offer you a full refund of £101.98.

It apologises for any inconvenience caused and should have already contacted you to confirm the refund amount.

The Fixer

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